Bakers Dental Delicious Large x7 sticks

Bakers Dental Delicious Large x7 sticks


From Bakers site:

BAKERS® Dental Delicious is a tasty, meaty treat that helps keep dogs’ teeth clean and healthy. What’s more, our dental sticks for dogs taste great too – and with two satisfying textures, they’re tail-waggingly exciting!

Dental Delicious sticks for large dogs have been designed to meet the needs of dogs that weight over 25kg. Our dog dental sticks have a specially shaped outer layer that helps keep your dog’s teeth clean as he chews, as well as helping to reduce tartar build-up. Each chew is low in fat, making them ideal as an every day treat – as just one every day helps keep their teeth clean and gums healthy! With added vitamins and minerals, as well as a centre that includes chicken, you can be sure that you’re giving your canine friend a tasty treat.

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