Bakers Dental Delicious Medium x7 sticks

Bakers Dental Delicious Medium x7 sticks



Beef, Chicken

From Bakers site:

BAKERS® Dental Delicious is a tasty and nutritious chew for adult dogs. Give your dog BAKERS® Dental Delicious with a specially shaped chewy outer to help keep his teeth clean and gums healthy, and we believe he’ll enjoy the tasty filling that will keep him coming back for more!

Available in delicious chicken or beef flavour, each one has a tasty soft centre, few dogs can resist the deliciousness of a Dental Delicious chew. But it’s not all about great flavour and two satisfying textures – every dog dental stick is specially shaped to help keep his teeth clean and reduce the build-up of tartar. These delicious treats are low in fat, and just one chew every day helps keep his gums healthy and his teeth clean. With vitamins and minerals to supplement his diet, these treats are ideal for medium dogs (10-25kg).

The resealable pack will help keep these dog dental treats fresh, so they’ll taste delicious from the beginning of the pack to the end.

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